Good Day and Welcome to (soon to be) Alumni-Hood,

We would like to first and foremost congratulate all of you beautiful people on successfully completing 4 years of grueling number crunching, brain freezing, exam-writing, and beer/ethanol drinking. Here is the what is all included in the novel below:

  1. Points of Contact
  2. Things happening at Convocation
  3. Yearbooks
  4. Preliminary Homecoming details and other updates

1. Points of Contact –

Now that we are done our degrees, our homecoming festivities may now begin on a series of different yearly intervals (1,5,10,15.etc.) and we will be your primary contact for getting your tricolour party/reunion pants back on. The following methods of contact have been established for you to find out about our graduating year’s homecoming reunion plans:

Facebook Group:
Join the “Sci’14 Alumni” plz

Our Emails:
President –
Vice President –

Sci 14 Website:

Queen’s Alumni Association Website: NOTE:
This link will have our graduating year soon, currently a work in progress

Mailing List:
This is found at our wicked website! Feel free to use to queen’s email because you get to keep it forever!

2. Convocation –

We are not officially hosting anything but here is what is happening in town.


Sci’14 Last Slam. at 8:30PM. Event page is

3. Yearbooks –

You get a Sci’14 Yearbook. This is separate from the tricolour yearbook. It was put together by a small group of talented ladies over this past year to document your last four years. Every Sci’14 is entitled to ONE yearbook at no extra cost. You can not pick up multiple copies even if they are for a friend.

How to get yours:
A) If you are coming to convocation:
Drop by the EngSoc office in the ILC during their summer hours. This week they are Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday 9-5, Thursday 9-11, Friday 2-5 A small amount of yearbooks will be available at the Convocation Ritual at Clark, but it is highly recommended to drop by the EngSoc Office when they are open.

B) Not going to convocation but will be near campus?
Call 613-533-6008 to find their summer office hours and drop in. Also they will be available in the new school year upon request.

C) Not going to be in Kingston anytime soon?
Send a prepaid envelope to the Engsoc office to the address below and they will send a yearbook back to you.

Engineering Society of Queen’s University
Beamish-Munro Hall, Rm 106a
Kingston, ON
K7L 3N6

4. Homecoming and General Updates –

We have a Sci’14 rep who will be in Kingston for the duration of the 2014-2015 academic year! His name is Lucas McLaughlin (w00t w00t) shoot him a Facebook invite or an email if you are passing through Kingston. He’ll gladly help you meet up with some fellow Sci’14’s and will provide valuable insider info about where the good parties are!

Our first homecoming reunion will occur.THIS COMING HOMECOMING! If your interested in coming back in the fall for a few days of familiar faces stay posted! It should be a great one as many will still be in Kingston and others will be near or come from far! Stay TUNED and keep in touch!We will be planning a few events so that everyone can meet up, have a good time, and hopefully make your first homecoming reunion one to remember!

That is all for now! Stay frosty Sci’14 and we look forward to seeing all you guys come back home!

Sci’14 Foreva Exec xo

Sci ’14 Newsletter

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